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May 10, 2014

The Best Day Ever!

Today was the Best Day Ever! After a bit of a rough week both emotionally and physically, it was so lovely to wake up today to a bright, sunny sky & a warm Earth. Green buds are finally appearing and the birds sing all day long. Definitely makes the spirit feel lighter.
I normally don't work in the office on Fridays but today went in as I had a big presentation to do for Mental Health Week. Finished up a few last minute preparations, took some time to hand in my expenses, wrote up and submitted a bunch of invoices for counselling and group sessions, chatted with our ED about the path I want to take to embark on with the centre, then headed over to the high school to chat with a great group of kids who had signed up for my session. Engaged kids, a presentation that went smoother than I envisioned and the unexpected reward of a gift card at the end made it worth all the work to put it together.
Came home to start packing my suitcase. My mom and I are off to the coast tomorrow to visit with family and honor my uncle who died last week. A sad occasion but one we were expecting. I am looking forward to seeing our two sons and their families, especially our little grandchild Lua! A friend popped in with more moving boxes for us, then I headed over to our centre to tidy about the office and make sure I could go away without any pressing tasks to be handled. Visited with my staff, then headed over to the hall for the Family Dance to set up. Our grandson had a great time pushing chairs up to the tables and setting out the balloons. Went home to get dressed up, then we spent the next few hours visiting the families who came out, danced with our little guy and our girls, ate some great food and bid on three auction items, which we won! This event went so well, with more than double the number of families this year compared to last and we made money!!
After cleaning up, we came home to tidy the house and finish packing my suitcase. I did laundry, swept the floors, put away all the paperwork, did the recycling and paid the bills. Now I'm ready to leave, with my world in order and the sun shining on the coast.
Was today the best day ever for you?


Cheapchick said...

I am sorry about your Uncle but enjoy your time visiting your family. It was a good day for me as hubby came back from a business trip in Edmonton and was entirely impressed with all the yardwork I managed to get accomplished while he was away (no housework though, the dust still lies where it may)

Chy said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. Good job with all your hard work!