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May 2, 2014

Defining Moments.

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, I became a fiance, a defining moment in my life. From this sweet time on, I would have a life partner, someone to share the rest of my journey with. A true love, with all the ups and downs to come our way.

When my boyfriend asked me to marry him, we became a committed couple.

When I birthed our first child, I became a mother, another monumental defining moment in my life. At 4:12 a.m., I was a married woman, without many responsibilities. At 4:14 a.m., I was suddenly but thankfully a mother, with a tiny baby in my arms who was totally dependent on me. Forever, I would now be known as a mother.

When I birthed our first child, I became a mother and we became a family, together for a lifetime.

When our son died in my arms, without warning, I went from being a carefree, confident mother to a weeping, anxious bereaved parent. Forever changed and now clearly defined as a griever, life long, without a vacation to have a break from the tears.

When our son died in my arms, without warning, we became a grieving family, forever.

When I chose to write about my experiences of life and loss, and began to dabble in art as an expression to unleash my creativity, I became an artist, using a random process of mixed media to define my craft. An artist who had a story to tell with a forum to use. Defining in opening a part of my character, my being, that had been hidden and stuffed down, from shame as a child for not staying in the lines and using the colors the teacher expected.

When I became an artist, I began to live again.

We all have defining moments in our lives. It shapes who we were, who we are and who we become.

What are the defining moments that have 
shaped who you have become today?


Lorrie said...

Yes, we all have those defining moments. I'm sorry for the loss of your son - losing a child is one of life's most difficult blows.

I have to think about sharing mine.

Anonymous said...

I am a fine art artist, mostly "self-taught." It is difficult to explain to others what art has done in my life, but I am sure, not to you. This is very obvious to my husband who *encourages* me to paint, especially when he feels I need it the most. Knitting is a good friend as well; she is not creative (to me) but is very calming and reassuring, just what a good friend should be. She wants to go where I go, and she starts conversations with stranger that I meet. She is my second best friend. I would love for you to meet her as well.

I am very sorry to hear of your loss.

Chy said...

Thanks for stopping in Lorrie. Bretton was our first loss, but unfortunately, not our last. Yet, our lives became enriched in a way that is so hard to describe and we feel blessed for his short time with us.

I look forward to hearing if you come up with something to share!

Chy said...

Thank you anonymous for your sweet words. I so wish I could learn how to knit. I hear so many people talk about the benefits of knitting. I'm going to have to find someone local who could teach me.

From one artist to another, thank you!