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May 25, 2014

Car Boot Sale and Gardening!

We headed out early on Monday, our annual Victoria Day here in Canada. A day to relax from work and enjoy extra time with family and friends. Stopping at Starbucks for a cool drink on a morning that was promising to turn into a hot day. I enjoyed a frosty lime drink with a ice cream sugar cookies. Yum!

The Car Boot Sale is held at our local Antique Mall 4 times over the summer. This was the first date and the others will happen in June, July and beginning of September. I don't think we've missed one yet!

Brand new set of quilted pillow shams. Perfect for dressing up our boring deck loveseat. 

In perfect condition, I couldn't pass up this great wicker chair in dark sage green. Listed for $45 a piece inside the mall, the seller had just set them out and let me bargain them down to $30 .... for both!!

Youngest dd picked up this lovely tea cup planter at the greenhouse, our second stop after the boot sale. I love it and it was perfect for these fresh, new plants for the deck. More planting this coming weekend.

Another find at the Car Boot Sale, this pretty doily from the vendor who also sold me a lamp for our guest room and a vintage basket for my art studio. Pictures to follow in another post!

The second wicker chair set in between the two side chairs. The sweet deal of the day in our books!

The start of our summer deck. We have more items to put out and lots of gardening to do but the season is finally her and we're set to jump in with energy and enthusiasm for the sun, the rain, the dirt and the green!! I can't wait to add in all the other sweet little embellishments that make it so cozy and inviting.

Looking forward to our next trek into the City for the June Car Boot Sale. Fun place to find treasures!

How was your Victoria Day spent?


My Simple Life said...

lovely things have you found.
love the big cup planter!!!
beautiful blog.
wish you a nice restweek,

Chy said...

Thank you Regina. I'm so glad you popped over to visit my blog. I'm off to visit yours as well.