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October 27, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat!

It has been quite the busy fall already. So busy, I haven't had a chance to join in on Carla's Sunday Night Chit Chat. Here's my contribution for tonight: 

Reading: The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay. I ordered this last spring with a whole stack of books and am just getting to it now. So far, it's intriguing!

Listening to: My husband's sleepy breath as he falls asleep after a busy, crazy and productive weekend.

Watching: The Mentalist. Not paying attention like I usually do. Catching up on blogs at the same time has made me a bit distracted to follow the story line. Or maybe it's just not the most interesting episode!

Cooking/Baking: I made homemade Chicken Tortellini Soup tonight with Parmesan Bread. Yum!

Accomplished this week: All the fall yard work, just in time for the snow that fell overnight. Organized garage. Completed paperwork for our centre. Continued to recover from pneumonia and rested often, without guilt. Ordered 6 Christmas gifts today. Hung up the outside Christmas lights and set our our deer family, the lamp post and the big Angel. Now we're ready!

This week: Hope to finish up the paperwork that is sitting in piles in both my art studio and the library. Driving me crazy, so I'm determined to get it sorted out and tucked away. Or shredded!

Thankful for today: A husband who loves to shop, good food, great sales and warm hot chocolate on a cold frosty day. 

Bonus Question: Am I looking forward to Halloween? No, as our community is not providing alternative activities this year and the predicted weather is warm and snow less, so we may have more kids at our door than we are used to. Need to buy candy on a tight budget. Hate having leftovers, as we might be tempted to eat it all yet hate having not enough. 


Have a great week. And hop over to Carla's to see what everyone else has shared. 


Jennifer said...

I had no idea pneumonia lasted that long. In reading some of my back posts, I saw you had this back in June! I hope you get better really soon.

Amazing the differences in what we do depending on where we are. We don't get Autumn really where I live, and only a very small percentage lose their leaves. This time of year is usually about cleaning out garages, painting, etc during mild weather before it gets too hot!

~Carla~ said...

Thanks for playing along this week! I'm not so excited for Halloween either... it's going to be COLD & WET here. Not the best weather... I always preferred doing "something else" as well. But the girls love it... we'll see. Sounds like you got lots accomplished this week, hope you have a great week!!

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting Jennifer! Yes, I've had pneumonia at least 3 times this year. Getting tired of having it come back so quickly. Takes so long to recover, especially for energy. Working with my family doctor and my naturopath to find a way to keep this away!

I love fall and enjoy the task of making our home cozy for the winter. I don't like seeing our beautiful, colorful garden become barren and brown. I spend lots of time over the winter dreaming of blooming bushes and fragrant flowers!

Take care and hope to have you visit again.

Chy said...

Carla, thanks for popping in! I hope you have a great week and the wet weather stops soon.