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October 15, 2013


This weekend was full of gratitude. We missed our puppy like crazy but kept busy and each day, it's getting a bit easier. Thank you for your kind thoughts and blessings for sweet Celti. Before we gave thanks for all we have, we took time to clean, purge, organize and revamp the house. Then we raked outside and enjoyed the sun on our deck before putting away the furniture and tucking the BBQ away for the season. The snow will soon be here and we still have some work to do outside, including removing the leaves from the gutters so they flow freely in the spring when the snow melts and clean out the garage so we can park in there when it gets cold again. Inside, we still need to redo the kitchen cabinets, back splash and counters before Christmas. Then paint all the walls. And find my warm, woolly socks. Winter jackets and boots are in place but mitts need to be replaced this year. 

For the first time in 28 years, we didn't cook the big turkey dinner for everyone. We started this tradition for all the big holidays when our kids were babies. It was easier to say "come to our house" rather than pack everyone up and go somewhere. We love to cook and we are the only ones with a big enough dining room to seat us all comfortably. Our "tradition" of providing the big dinner was only supposed to be when the kids were little yet it stuck. But this year, we were just done with it all. I'm into my 4th week of pneumonia, so my energy has been lacking. Our dog just died and we've been a bit sad. So my mom and her new beau made us a wonderful ham dinner on Sunday. It was so lovely to just sit and let someone else take care of us. I was starting to get my energy back then and we were able to have a nice, quiet dinner for just our little family on the holiday Monday. With just us, it was so relaxing!


Bacon wrapped asparagus.

Wine and colors!

Dd2 photo bombing the daddy pic.

Blocked her out and got a good shot!

Beautiful daughter.


Dd1 wanted to learn to carve.


Another view of the dish I created.

My very full plate!

There are so many things to be grateful for. I love our cozy house, our cozy but growing community and our beautiful family. We are thankful that we both have careers that we love and that we were and continue to be able to work around our family. The flexibility is such a gift! As much as we miss our puppy, I'm so thankful her ending was peaceful and in my arms. And she has such a beautiful final spot on our acreage. We have good healthy ~ well except for the last few weeks with my pneumonia. Two wonderful grand kids and family all around. There is nothing that I personally wish for, other than that everyone in my life is happy. That's all that matters to me in my life. 

How was your Thanksgiving? 
Were you the cook or the guest?

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