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October 20, 2013

Teaching ....

I love to teach classes and workshops. Today was a perfect session, with 25 participants, in a comfortable setting. The participants? Members of a local Muslim community who provide care to families in their sect. The subject? Grief and loss, my passion. They have set up the most incredible program for bereaved families that I wish we could do in the general community. So many people grieve without support and yet the model they have created makes so much sense as they work hard for these families.

The best part of teaching is watching participants "eat up" every message that is presented. They nod, they reflect, they write it all down. It feels so good to empower other with the knowledge we are so comfortable with, that so many find a mystery. But when they enthusiastically participate in the interactive art activities or ask truly intentional questions to understand the material presented is a gift we receive back, in our efforts to give. Win win!

Today was also the anniversary of my formal graduation from Ryerson University in Toronto. I was so determined to graduate on 20.10.2010. Isn't that the neatest date to remember? We had such a good time at my grad, just my guy and me. We turned it into a bit of a holiday for the two of us and my boss surprised us by upgrading our cheap hotel reservations into a suite at the Sutton Place Hotel! Memorable time for sure and so worth all the studying time, writing papers at night after working all day and agonizing over marks. I graduated with honors and am so proud of this accomplishment. Hoping to do more but for now, still enjoying that I completed the first part of my education journey. 

Have a great week!

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