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October 21, 2013

House Plan!!

After years of dreaming and months of interviewing, then selecting a builder, we finally have a house plan!! Now the fear sets in ....

We're so excited but at the same time, nervous about all the changes. Right now, I could drive home with my eyes closed to this house, as we're so settled here. I know all the creaks and groans of our house, and where the nicks are in the walls. I know which tree will bloom first and where my perennials are buried for the winter. We know our neighbors and know we all watch out for each other. But it's time to move forward, it's time to have a new view, it's time to have our lives run more smoothly, with a bit more space. We're ready and will likely look back and wonder why we were so very worried. 

I must admit, I can see how people get carried away when building a house. We need more space but don't want a large house. We want new and character and ironically, a look that screams "vintage" but is energy efficient and solid. Thankfully, our builder works within our budget, not his, and pulls back clients when they start to sway from the original plan. He understands how easy it is and has made it part of his job to keep us in line. Love him already! He's so good, we build again. 

I won't reveal plans here but will share our journey and pictures as we get closer, until the reveal. Truly excited now!! Let the journey and the fun begin.


Cheapchick said...

How exciting! I have never built. Have more time and money than necessary and all will go smoothly lol.

Chy said...

Should be an interesting ride! We've only renovated and have gotten tired of living with a list of things to do all the time. Can't wait to move into a house that is completely finished. As it's a treed acreage, we'll still have to put grass in but won't for the first year until the site settles a bit. We'll grade it so it's nice and let it just sit until the following spring.

We're totally doing it on a very strict budget, with a goal of coming out of it without a mortgage. Fingers crossed we stay sensible and don't get carried away with dreaming too much!