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October 29, 2013

Too much death today!

I'm a sad pup today. Too much death around me. 

We had a client die last night and just got notice this morning from her family, so our candle is burning in the front hall, the soft music is playing and the conversations are heartfelt. 

My colleague is out for the day to attend doctor's appointments with her mom and just sent word that they did not get good news on her tests, which probably means that the anticipated cancer is the new path on her journey. 

England is dealing with huge storms and the deaths of many as the coast is beaten down with wind, rain and high waves. 

The kids and staff returned to school today after the deadly shooting in Nevada last week. Can't imagine how these young victims are coping with the loss of a teacher and their classmates.

Here at home, the dreaded huge transmission lines were fired up today, causing sonic booms throughout our county. And a reminder that there are studies that these monster lines have been linked to cancer, autism, learning disabilities and other illnesses. 

I just feel sad and hopeless all around. I've been kind to myself today, doing the basics and nothing else. Tonight, no busy plans and that's probably all I need. Time alone for a bit, then a good dinner, family togetherness and then a full nights sleep. 

Hoping tomorrow is brighter ....


Cheapchick said...

Jeez, hubby is in Alberta today, I hadn't heard about the sonic booms. You have a really tough job. You must be a very special person to be able to handle it.

Chy said...

Thank you for stopping in, Cheapchick!

The local newspaper is now saying the noise is planned detonations of explosives. Loud for sure!

I love my job but these are the days that bring us back to reality. But I would still not ever want to change it. Too special!