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October 8, 2013

My favorite season!

I love that we have 4 very distinct seasons here in Canada. My favorite season has always been fall. Spring is muddy and wet. Summer hot and unpredictable. Winter is cold and gloomy. 

But fall is full of color, warm and playful. The leaves dance on the street as cars zip by, moving in the wind, covering my green grass with a blanket of color that makes me smile. The last blooms in the garden hold out with vibrant shades of summer. The rain has stopped, the snow has yet to arrive, the frost is minimal but the sun is warm. Not hot like summer, when fans must be on all hours of the day and night just to be comfortable. 

I love filling up our pantry with warm, comfort foods. Planning meals and dreaming of Thanksgiving turkey and delicious pies. Fragrant and filling soups with fresh baked break. Vegetables pulled from the earth, washed and gracing our dinner table. Scrumptious berries, ripe and abundant. This is truly the only time of year that I love to cook. 

Our walks outside at night become shorter as our eyes try to adjust to the early dusk. The air is crisp and we walk faster, eager to get back to our warm and cozy home. The hot chocolate has found its way from the back of the cupboard to the front, our favorite fall mugs in the dish rack waiting for the kettle to whistle.

After a summer of very little electricity being used, suddenly we are turning our lamps on throughout the house by 4 in the afternoon, as the days grow shorter and the natural light begins to lessen. The soft glow of small lights looks so homey and inviting from outside. While the world fights battles and negotiates disagreements, we cozy down to hibernate from the busyness of life around us. Warm quilts come out from storage, favorite DVDs are lined up for the day when the snow finally arrives and we are content to be here, safe from the elements, both weather and society. Life slows down as the leaves fall gracefully to the ground. And we become grounded with nature all around us ....

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