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October 17, 2013

The view ....

.... from my office! I actually have 3 offices for my work. One at home. One in my community at the centre we created. One in the big city.

This is the last one, in the city, where I work 2 to 3 days per week. The rest of the time, I work at home or at my centre. Love the flexibility that works so well for our life. 

This office is located in an old heritage building and is painted a muted blue, green and white. With an old oak banker's desk, a large bookcase, a smaller unit that houses my client files, an Ikea chair and footstool for rainy days to read and a wooden chair that is hard on the bum, so no one stays too long!

Just kidding!! I love company and keep my door open so others feel comfortable coming in.  

I love the view out to the street. A quiet, residential area, we have a park in the middle of the road and houses on the other side. The one I can see from my window is a favorite. bit old front veranda and inviting warm lights in the winter. 

Here's the view from another angle, when I sit with my feet up to write: 

Looks out to the hallway, where conversations are abundant but the view is not as pleasing. Yes, those are my keys handing in the door. Then I always know where they are!

My office at home matches our house, painted a sage green, with white woodwork and wood floors. I have a long table that sits under the window so I can look out at our backyard and our garden when I need a break from the writing. Furniture is eclectic, with an old maple dresser and a matching maple desk, both painted white and shabby chic'd. A rocker for reading, a tall bookcase for books and art materials. Small but cozy, with artwork on the walls. I'll take a picture soon to add to this post. 

At my centre, my office is also green but a very vibrant color, with white woodwork and wood floors. Same floors actually! And the same bookcase but two of them and the matching desk as well. Comfortable but private when needed. 

So, tell me about your office, where you work. 
Is it colorful, comfortable and conducive 
to getting good work done? 

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