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August 28, 2013

Catch Up Post!

 Good news: my husband's CT scan came back clear. Yes!! No mass. He is fine. We're excited!!

Waiting: for a call from my doctor. I've not been well myself. Ended up in an emergency clinic. Many tests were taken. Still feeling lousy a week later. Test results came in last night. She'll be calling me today. We know something's wrong, just a matter of the acceptable diagnosis or the "really don't want to go there" diagnosis or we have a mystery on our hands. 

Thankful: for my health care team. I have a family doctor, a naturopathic doctor & a chiropractor. Love them all for different reasons. My favorite is my naturopathic doctor, who spends between 1 to 1.5 hours with me at each appointment. She encourages me to be very active in my own health care. She calls when I'm not well to check to see how I am. She sends me emails with info on treatments or the newest info for me to read. She's personable, easy to chat with, doesn't make me feel like what I'm dealing with is because I'm a woman & at a time in my life when my body is beginning to slow down a bit. She makes me feel good for who I am. Everyone should have a doctor like this!

Off: to paint our preschool so I can keep my mind busy while waiting for her call. Life may change today, or we might have a quick answer or we might have to go back to square one. Whatever it is, I'm grateful for my team, my family & my community for the support during this time. 

Who is on your health care team?


~Carla~ said...

Wonderful news about hubby!! I pray yours is good news as well!! Hugs!!

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...

Thank you Carla! Your hug is much appreciated.