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August 15, 2013

Little Things Thursday.

Joining in with Kim at Little By Little who hosts "Little Things Thursday." Today, I'm sharing how our little man, B, helps us to remember that this big life is made up of many little moments. At the age of 2, everything is still so new to him, every day full of new experiences & new discoveries. The highlight of our day is when he comes home with his mom each day, full of chatter, full of sand & full of energy. We are often tired by then but he walks in the door & everything changes. He is always teaching us to stop & look & to continually be amazed by the little things!

Like the wonder of a candle flame.

And reaching new heights, even with help!

Thanks B for keeping us laughing. 
We love you to the moon & back!


Kim Cunningham said...

What a cute little guy! Children are amazing to watch!

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...

Thank you Kim. We think he's pretty sweet!