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August 23, 2013

Frugal Friday!

Our weekly trek to the local Thrift Store in town netted the following finds for Frugal Friday: 

Birdhouse pic. Frame to be
changed. Love the colors!
Price: $1.50.

"Home Tweet Home."

Sweet bunnies for our Easter table.
Price: $1.50.

One is a salt shaker.
The other is a pepper shaker.

I love vintage linen!
The hours someone put into this.
Price: $1.00 each.

The detail is incredible!

Would you believe in my short 50 years,
I've never had a change purse?

Love this floral, shabby chic one.
Price: .10 cents.

I picked  this up for the frame,
which I might paint white.

But decided I liked the picture too, 
so gold it will stay!
Price: .20 cents.

For C2, who loves to put
her hair back. 
Price: .10 cents.

A new teddy, for our
baby loss program.
Price: .10 cents.

Not a bad haul for a Frugal Friday shopping trip & a great end to a busy week. Our grand total was $5.50. I budget $20 a week for Frugal Friday but rarely do we get that high. Sometimes we go over but often that is only when we find a big ticket item. And some weeks, we browse, but don't find anything we need or would like to add to our vintage collection, which someday will be our future Antique Mall Booth. I don't add the remaining funds to the following week. The difference is just absorbed back into our budget for other expenses, as needed. 

Have you had any thrifty finds lately?

Linking up with The Thrifty Groove.


Diann said...

You found some wonderful thrifty treasures! But, I have to say those linens just make my heart sing! Thank you for sharing at TTF!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wonderful finds and very thrifty also!!

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...

Hi Diann,

I'm so happy someone else thinks vintage and handstitched linens are exciting!! I'm happy to share on The Thrifty Groove and love reading the other contributors blogs.

Have a great week!

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...

Thanks Linda! We love finding a great deal!!

Enjoy your week.

Anny said...

You need a change purse for these awesome deals! I'm impressed you didn't even break a five for this much.

Chy said...

Thanks for joining in Anny. Love your blog!! I used my change purse for the first time yesterday. Fun!