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August 4, 2013

Car Boot Sale #2.

We went to another Car Boot Sale at the Antique Mall in the city this past week. Our last Car Boot Sale was fun & we found a number of things for our home as well as for, we hope, a future booth of our own at the Mall. Not sure if we'd find any treasures but we did pretty good. Took $20 with us & came home with 11 items & $6 change in our pockets!

The "haul".

Did you know that I have an 
obsession with snowmen?

Yup, it's true. So guess what I found?

Two more!

For a grand total of $5.

A tiny ceramic scene. In our children's grief group, we talk about "nourishing the spirit" as part of our opening affirmation. This fits perfectly into that discussion. It will sit on my art shelf in the class. For .20 cents, not a bad investment to reinforce an idea!

A very delicate saucer for .50 cents.

English china.

Amethyst bottle for .10 cents. I've always wanted one! Can't wait to put it on my  windowsill with some tiny wildflowers in it.

A demitasse tea cup. For .50 cents. 

A true Limoges to add to our collection.

A crystal tiny platter. 
Not a chip or mark on it. 
All for .20 cents.

A handmade pillow. Complements the ivory one we bought last year with the word "Joy" stitched on it. Happy to take it home for the grand sum of $2.

Free! No markings. I was happy to oblige when 
the owner offered it to me as I admired it!

One booth, just a mere 10 minutes into the sale, was holding a sale of it's own, with most items being given away for $1 or $2, up to $10. I picked up this original oil painting. The booth owner offered it to me at $10.

See the tag!
I was willing to pay that & was 
jumping at $10. Reached into 
my bag for my wallet.

Suddenly she looked at me with a grin & said 
"but for you, because you truly love it, 
I'll let it go for $5".


A taupe round lace doily. Hard to find this darker tone. Loving it for .50 cents. 

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~Carla~ said...

All such beautiful little items! I love snowmen too and can't resist.. they're just far too cute to leave alone aren't they!?

Chy said...

They are too cute. I always feel like they are calling out to be adopted and saved!! My girls just shook their heads when we walked in the door, two snowmen peeking out of our bag!

Thanks for dropping in Carla and leaving a comment. Have a great day!

laura sampson said...

SO many greta finds! I love having money left over after a sale--it feels good!

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...
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