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August 4, 2013


I am a very visual person. Building this new house has made me realize how important it is to me that my environment is interesting to look at. We've come to the conclusion that while building a solid, energy efficient, within our sensible budget house is the key, it also needs some details that make it appealing to view. After all, we have to live there! 

Love these doors. Yes, it's true. I'm in love with inanimate objects! Can't help myself. I'm sure these doors will be out of our budget but we took pics anyway to show our builder, who has the attitude that if there is something we'd really like, she'll make the budget work, even if it means trimming a couple of feet off the total square footage. 

I like her way of thinking! I'd rather have a smaller house with character than a big house that is boring.

Sending them off to her today to add to our list. Meeting on Wednesday to put together the preliminary drawing. Exciting yet scary all at once!!

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