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August 2, 2013

The Two Cathedrals.

I love the tv show The West Wing. All of us watched it here when it was first aired & then we bought the series once the show was done. Favorite snowy Sunday afternoon activity? Curling up with hot chocolate & popcorn to watch an episode or two. 

Recently, one of our cable channels began airing the episodes again. We kept missing them, so we dug up the dvd's this week. Tonight, my dh was at the football game with his buddy, oldest dd had to drive B to his dad for the weekend about 1.5 hours from here (3 hours round trip) & youngest dd was upstairs writing tonight. Just me & the pups! I popped in my favorite episode ever: "The Two Cathedrals."

Martin Sheen as President Bartlet,
raging at God in the Cathedral,
a good part of it in Latin!

Truly, he says
"Have I displeased you,
you feckless thug?"

Disbelief at what's about to happen.
Leo: "Watch this!"

My favorite scene: Sheen comes in, soaking wet.
Big storm outside, wind howling, rain pounding,
thunder crashing, lightening flashing. 
As he is about to answer the press,
the American flag unfurls outside the window.
Priceless! Aaron Sorkin is brilliant. 

Do you have a favorite tv series? 

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