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August 29, 2013

Good news?

I'm ecstatic & puzzled all at the same time. Thankfully, my doctor feels the same way I do!

So my results from the testing yesterday came back clear. Very good news. Except that now, we have no answers. We were both pretty sure that the symptoms I am experiencing were clear & we even talked about treatment & how homeopathy could be a good fit for some of the course. We had a second possibility as well. With weird symptoms, its sometimes hard to pinpoint one & looking at a few things made sense, especially when ordering tests. 

Relieved I don't have diabetes or kidney disease, the two that we were looking at. With a large family history of diabetes, I've lived my life trying so hard to avoid this one in particular. All of my family members how have diabetes were diagnosed in their early 40's, so at 50 I feel good to have not fallen into this realm. Kidney disease would be a progression from the Adrenal Gland Fatigue I already deal with but that came back clear too. 

Happy to not have to deal with either of these life limiting illnesses. But not happy we don't have an answer. I started a new remedy yesterday to try to combat the symptoms & tomorrow will meet with my doctor again to see if we can nail it down, now that we've ruled out the two big ones! Just wish I could feel well again. This is getting old, not improving & frankly, I'm tired of feeling so crappy. It's really starting to effect my mood & while I feel blessed that I don't have anything that is serious, I'm bummed that without an answer, it's hard to imagine ever feeling well again. Hopefully, meeting with my doctor tomorrow will be more uplifting. She always makes me feel cared for & I enjoy our visits. 

I'm off to work for a couple of hours. Thankful for a work environment where working from home when we're not feeling well, the weather is not great or we just need to catch up on client case notes in a quieter place is okay & never questioned. I can't imagine having any stress about my job while being unwell. One less thing to worry about!


Anonymous said...

Could you have Lyme disease, by any chance? It is a strange disease, and hard to get to the bottom of. Just a thought.

Cheryl Salter-Roberts said...

I'm not sure what the symptoms are but will check it out. Thanks for the idea!