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May 13, 2024

Budding Garden.

My lavender on the left is turning green slowly.
And the bleeding heart on the right is healthy.

Tiny pink flowers in memory of all our baby girls.
New growth around the little bushes we planted.

Blue flowers in memory of our sweet baby boys.
They remind me of tiny grapes in a bouquet.

More growth that will soon be part of the bigger
garden. It's so amazing each year as green appears.

Buds that are so tiny it's almost too hard to see them.
But they're there and soon this little bush will be full.

Every time I come home from our centre, I love to
go out to the front veranda and walk down the path
in our front garden to see what is popping up as our
landscape starts to bud and bloom. Soon the beds
will be full of color and scent. The 2 things that are
slow to come up are my lavender and the hostas. I
do seem some green so that is always a relief to find
signs that they weathered our harsh Winters. Yes!

~ Chy

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