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July 31, 2021

Goodbye July.

In just a few short hours, the month of July will be but a fleeting memory. I'm not one to mark time and wish our days away, but this month has been extra tough. The unrelenting heat, the smoke from forest fires in other provinces, the rise in Covid numbers (again) and restrictions being lifted without much though or concern for our community has made it not my favorite month to look back on. I've got some health stuff to navigate and our old house is now officially up for sale, adding just a bit of stress to keep me awake at night. Between the heat (even with air conditioning) and all my little worries, it's hard to sleep!

As I always like to balance out the bad with the good, July also had some great moments and events. We chose to stay home for the Canada Day weekend and reflect on the Indigenous experience in our history. It brought many discussions and ideas forward. Next was our staff all returning to work full time the following week. Exciting to finally have everyone back together again, in our new space and living the dream. Our daughter's birthday was next and we had a great time celebrating her. The music festival we created in 2019 was live this year but not on the big site in the park. We were able to have a small audience on site as well as online, and our board and volunteers were super happy with the event. The smoke by this time had arrived in our community and many commented how it was amazing we were able to have our event, and at the same time, keep everyone safe and healthy. After a little break, my attention this week was focused on our grieving kids Summer daycamp and again, it went well, with tired but happy kids at the end. And this weekend is a long one, to celebrate Heritage Days and spend time without a schedule. Time to work in the garden, despite the heat, gather some new energy and get caught up on other projects. Getting there.

We've made no plans for this weekend while we're under another heat warning. I worked today, we stopped to get groceries, cleaned the fridge and pantry, did the recycling, vacuumed after putting away anything that was not in it's place, watered the flowers, dh did some weeding, I power cleaned our bathroom and put away the last load of laundry, and after a lovely bbq, we watched "Jungle Cruise" with dgs. Heading to bed soon to watch 1 more episode of "Succession." Can't wait for the 3rd season to arrive in the Fall. Excited!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend
and hope your weather is decent.

~ Chy


Mereknits said...

Sound slike you have been very busy and enjoying so much. Happy August.

Chy said...

It hwas definitely been busy Meredith! I'm looking forward to August and hope it's a bit cooler!

X Chy