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July 11, 2021

Birthday Girl.

Happy Birthday to this sweet baby (isn't she the prettiest baby), who made us parents for the first time after such a long wait ~ we started dreaming of her 4 years before she was born. We even had her name chosen 4 years before! She keeps us active with our grandson. She is THE BEST hockey mama, and the most amazing stage mama too. You will never find a more compassionate nurse, and we know a lot of nurses. Always the best hockey fan ~ Go Oilers! An incredible big sister to all her younger siblings. And of course the most amazing daughter anyone could ask for. It was a great birthday weekend, that we started yesterday with lunch at a restaurant, all in person, but with masks until it was time to eat. Later at home, there was a fun gift opening, singing and ice cream cake. Tonight we had a BBQ, with more cake and lots of laughter. Our dark haired baby, with big blues eyes, was super blonde from the age of 1, until her mid 20's, when her hair started to turn dark. Now she's a dark haired adult, with big blue eyes and the sweetest personality. Interesting, as both dh and I are still blonder (with lots of grey), but our kids keep getting darker and darker as they grow. When they were small, we looked like a very typical Scandinavian family. Now we look pretty eclectic, which describes us perfectly! Another birthday done. 

~ Chy


Granny Marigold said...

A weekend of celebration. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!

Practical Parsimony said...

She is so beautiful, pretty in lots of pink. I love baby girls in pink. Happy Birthday to her all grown up.

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