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September 8, 2017

My Body Hurts.

We've spent the last few weekends trying
to finish up our landscaping before the
big "S" falls from the sky. Our Fall season
tends to be quite long so we do have time.

But ooohhhh, my body hurts. From head
to toe, everything aches. I go to bed with
Advil and wake up taking more. Ugh.
But so worth it as our little acreage is
beginning to take shape. We've had
from our friends and our girls and even
our little grandson. And from our new
friend, the bobcat guy. He's done quite
a bit for us this year and I'm so happy to
pay him to be here. I even love his sense
of humor, like in the picture above as
he moved the tamper from one area to
the other, without hesitation, he used his
machine to pick it up and drop it down.
Great guy, amazing, fast work and decent
fee for all he's done for us. We have at
least a couple more weekends and we
should be all done. Then we can kick back
until for awhile. I can imagine that our
Winter will be spent planning next Spring.


Granny Marigold said...

I'm sure once it's all done you'll sigh a huge sigh of relief!!

Chy said...

It's coming along so nicely but so much work. Can't wait for it to be done. X Chy