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March 30, 2017

Twelve Days.

The number of days off of work I
during Spring Break this year: 

And what have I been doing on this
lovely time off? Let me share ....

* organized my office on my last day
* created a "to do" list to work on
* meet with our landscape artist
* meet with our builder and trades
* empty boxes from our art studio
* learn how to make chalk paint
* chalk paint an old hutch and drawers
* learn how to use wax on furniture
* organize master bedroom closet
* chalk paint mirrors and small items
* help daughter buy a new car
* set time with our gate guy

Things on my list to complete still:

* gather all the documents for our taxes
* set up time with our accountant
* move boxes then paint the art studio
* paint then reorganize the mud room
* paint then reorganize the laundry room
* paint them organize the storage room
* take bottles into the bottle depot
* revise chapters in my book project
* visit with a dear friend next week
* learn how to make a bracelet
* put wicker furniture on veranda
* organize one section of the garage

I had 12 items at first, completed those and
added 12 more. A very focused time off but
so productive and I'm so grateful for this
gift. Holidays from 2016, so I still have just
over 4 weeks left to take off for 2017. Love
my boss and my organization. Worth the work.

Did you have time off during Spring Break?
If so, what did you do with your time?

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