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March 28, 2017

New Winter Toy.

When we lived in town, we had a sidewalk
in front of our house, our big driveway
and a small path from the driveway to our
front door. Lots of shovelling thru Winter.

With lots of kids and great neighbors who
took turns, shovelling always got done. But
out here, other than the road and our little
lane that is plowed, and now with less kids 
living at home, we've got quite a big job to 
take care of a long and snowy driveway. 

Last Winter, we had very little snow and
it wasn't a big issue. This year, we were
sure we were going to get a lot of snow
because of the predictions that were
circulating. So we saved and saved and
then found the best sale ever and finally
brought home our new Winter Toy. To
date, we've only used it twice but what a
treat to be able to blow the snow away
instead of shovelling. Well worth the wait.

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