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March 31, 2017

Bed Shopping.

I love shopping when I know exactly what I
want but big decisions like houses, cars and
mattresses are so stressful. We've started to
realize it's likely time for us to replace our
bed. Our current one is about 10 years old.

It still seems to be in great shape but we are
both experiencing tons of sore backs and stiff
bodies when we wake up in the morning. Our
chiropractor suggested we think about our bed.

Yesterday when I was in the big city with my
girls, we stopped in at a local bedding store
and tried out a few mattress sets. The sales
guy was very knowledgable and there was no
pressure at all. I really liked the prices of the
first few he showed us and then we spotted
the luxury set. Oops! But dreaming is ok.

Now I'm doing research to see if this bed
compares to any thing else before we make
such a big decision. This particular one
is handmade in England and the average
life span is more than 30 years. Tempting
to spend the extra and have a really good
bed vs. having to keep replacing after so
many years. Lots to think about for now.

How often do you replace your bed?
Do you find big decisions stressful?


Penny said...

I don't mind big decisions, but rarely have an opportunity to make them! Our mattress needs changed I think, we have had it for about 12 years, but not much chance of that happening any time soon X

Chy said...

It's one of those things we need to be healthy and feel good but definitely not something we wish we had to buy! X Chy