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March 29, 2017

Writing Niche.

When we designed our house, we wanted
to have a spot that was multi-functional.

We ended up adding the turret to the far end
of the house, between the Great Room and
the Living Room. On the blue prints, our
builder marked it as the "sun room".

It lives up to it's name with the afternoon
sun pouring in and the late day sunset that
filters the light in to darkness. An eclectic
spot, it has been our music room, our sun
room,  our play room, our Christmas room
and now it is finally our sweet writing room. 

My favorite place in the house, I love
the location, the light, the lamp, the
desk and most of all, the feeling of
being in a spot that is private yet open
to the family all at the same time. I can
sit and dream, write and chat, and be
part of whatever is going on in the house,
without feeling isolated and shut out.

Do you have a dedicated spot to write?
A place just for you to be and dream?


Penny said...

How lovely Chy. I have my writing desk in our sitting room, but have day dreams to change its location and size in the future X

Chy said...

I bet it's a great place to write Penny! X Chy