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March 15, 2017

Crock Pot Dinners.

One of the gifts we received as newlyweds
was a Crock Pot. At the time, we were
both working full time and it was a great
gift to come home after a long day at
work to a fully cooked meal. Even after
we started having children and I was home
for decades, we still used it a lot. It was
great to have time with my little ones
and as they got older. To not be standing
all day long in the kitchen was such a
bonus. Dance classes, music lessons,
football practice and art sessions were
our priority but feeding our family was
also important. Having time and good
meals was and continues to be just what
we need to manage this busy life.

So here we are 32, almost 33 years later.
We chatted one day that with the amount
of use of our Crock Pot and the age, it
was probably time to replace it, even
though we've not had any issues. But we
wouldn't want to take a big risk. That
very weekend we were in the Big City.
And guess what was on sale? Yup.
Great price, free small dipper pot and
now we have a new toy. Our first meal
was a roasted chicken. So good. Second
meal was a big pot of chili, perfect on a
snowy Sunday afternoon. Trying to figure
out what our next meal will be. I feel safer
now with a new Crock Pot and am very
thankful for such a very frugal amount.

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