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June 12, 2016

Landscaping Begins.

Prior to building our new home, we've
always bought homes that needed work
and took great pride in fixing them up.
Because they were already in place,
landscaping from scratch has never been 
an experience we've had to deal with.

With our new build, the bonus this time
was we could move straight into the house
and not have to fix a thing! Love that we
move in, unpack and relax. However, now
we are faced with the task of landscaping
2 acres of land. It's both exciting and
totally terrifying all at the same time. We
had no idea where to even start and how.

Thankfully, we won a landscaping item 
at an event ~ our very own landscaping
artist, who is busy designing our plan.
She came out and spent a lovely but
rainy morning with me a few weeks
ago and has kept us in the loop in
regards to the progress of the plan she
is diligently working on. The guy we've
hired to do the actual work (at least
the items we can't tackle) also gave
us a plan, so now we'll have two to
work from. It will take a number of years
to completely finish up the ideas but
we're excited to start. One of the things
we're trying to decide is where to
place all the boulders our builder
dug up and set aside for us. You can
see the big pile in the first picture.
Many places we could use them. I
did choose my hammock spot, which
you can see in the bottom picture.
The strand of trees is just the right
distance to hang out hammock from.
Dirt now but many dreams ahead!

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