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October 19, 2015

Pumpkins and Flowers.

This island is so colorful. I couldn't resist taking some
pics of locally grown pumpkins, organic of course!

Flowers everywhere, even for sale at the market.

Hanging baskets that will last through the winter.

Love the "shut" sign! And pretty pink blossoms. 

Flowers sprouting from the parking lot blocks.

And lining the window gardens at a local store. 

I'm going to miss the vibrant colors. And the smell
of the sea. The sweet air and the smiling locals.

Do you still have beautiful flowers where you live?
And colorful pumpkins just waiting for Halloween?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Beautiful pictures!

I still have zinnias and should until the first frost, as well as marigolds and roses. No pumpkins because I don't have the space to grow them, but thats ok. Usually it frost here mid November and then everything will slowly die, but spring comes early and it will begin again.

Cheapchick said...

We still have some flowers, both in the wild and in my yard. I was just thinking the other day while walking the dog how nice it is to see them this time of year.