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October 12, 2015

The Reveal!

Here's what we did with the beautiful fall leaf
garland that we bought at the beginning of October: 

A bit of extra color on the veranda, mirroring the
incredible leaves that surround our new home.

Now I feel like we're truly living here, with the
fun opportunity to decorate not just the inside.

How is your fall decorating coming along?
Did you add color to the outside of your house?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Very pretty!
I have done no fall decorating__yet, but it is not truly fall here. I think it is supposed to be cooler later this week and then I will think about something fallish, or at least Halloweenish.

Cheapchick said...

Very pretty! Hopefully the snow will keep away for you.

Chy said...

Thanks Anne. I'm sure the cooler weather will get you in the fall mood!

Chy said...

That's what we're hoping for this year, Cheapchick. It's supposed to be a warm, dry winter. Not what the farmers will like but for our first year in the country, it would be a nice intro to winter!

Penny said...

So pretty! I didn't do any indoor decorating this year, but the beautiful red, yellow and gold of the trees in my garden decorated my outdoors! X

Chy said...

Our leaves are now gone and today, we had a few snowflakes. But it's too warm and the grass has turned green again, so no winter just yet!