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October 17, 2015

To the Market we go!

One of our favorite activities when we visit this tiny island is the famous Saturday Market. People arrive by sea plane and ferry to visit each Saturday. Everything must be handmade, baked or grown organically. A neat variety of products and every time we come, we see new ventures into "home made". We purposely plan our treks to this island so that we arrive on Saturday morning, giving us time to enjoy the Market in the afternoon (it ends at 4 pm each week) and then we stay at least 10 days, so we get 2 Saturday Markets in by the time we're gone. This time, we also had a chance to visit the new Tuesday Market, a smaller version but still a great time. Last week, when we arrived, the rain had started and the wind had really picked up, so a few stalls had already packed up to leave early, so not all the vendors were present. We still enjoyed it but it was eerily different without the sound of laughter, the smells of fresh baking and the eclectic music that is normally present. 

After a week of sun and calm breezes, warm temperatures
and clear skies, today we woke up to fog and cool weather.

So far, no rain. But not as warm as we had hoped. We'll
still head off to the Market and hope the weather changes!

Do you like to visit Farmer's Markets?
What is your favorite thing about them if you do?


Practical Parsimony said...

I love to visit farmers' markets. Fresh eggs from chicken that feast on grass and homegrown tomatoes are my favorite things. I buy apple or peach fried pies, too. People sometimes call them hand pies. Occasionally, I purchase an artisan's work.

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting! Today we bought some Christmas gifts, as well as a few items to thank our dd's for caring for our home while we're away, a gift for our grandson and some lovely baking. Yummy!

Anne in the kitchen said...

How wonderful! I love visiting farmer's markets also. I always try to find gifts unlike other things I can buy at a store. So far my all time favorite purchase for gifts were jars of homemade kudzu jelly. Everyone loved it and no one had ever seen it, much less tasted it before.

Chy said...

Jelly's would be wonderful to find at a market, Anne. I love finding items that are unique as well. And things I'd love to make but don't have time to make but can give as gifts!