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October 13, 2015

To the Sea.

On Saturday, we left our frosty and chilly home to
head to the warm and sunny (we hoped) sea.

Our "carriage" flew us over farmland and mountains.

At the beginning of the flight, we were, at one point,
right over our home. Can't figure out where in the
picture, but it's down there. I'll have to blow it up
once we're home to see which plot of land is ours.

Ten days of resting, writing, picture taking, memory
making, adventure hiking and gourmet meal creating.

Have you had a holiday recently?
Was it just what you hoped for?


Lorrie said...

Have a wonderful vacation by the sea!

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. We are enjoying every moment!

Penny said...

Wonderfully restorative. Whenever I fly, i think of the thousands of generations before flight was invented, who, no matter what they did, could never have viewed the land from above in this way. Wonderful x

Chy said...

Such a neat thought Penny! X Chy