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October 31, 2015

Our First Halloween in the Country!

 Tonight was our first Halloween
out in the country. An adventure
as we had no idea how many little
kids would come out to Trick or Treat.

Our address sign with a tiny
scarecrow and a round pumpkin.

Prairie chickens enjoying some sun
before the evening arrived.

Candles lit in our dining room.

A ghost candle to light the window.

Our little pumpkin patch!

Lanterns as dusk approaches.

I love the star reflection on the post.

Our first "guests" arrived on their tiny tractor
and wagon, with pup in tow. All the kids who
did come around were driven around the
area in wagons attached to tractors or quads.
The dads did fantastic jobs of decorating
kids "rides" with lights and music. Sweet!

How was your Halloween evening?
Did you have many children at your door?


Anne in the kitchen said...

It is fun to see the kids with rides isn't it. Our neighborhood is very hilly and it was misting, so a lot of our guests were in decorated golf carts. I am guessing there were at least a dozen of them. I am nerdy and keep count yearly of how many trick or treaters we have and this year we had 84.

Chy said...

It was so much fun, Anne! Now my dh wants to get a quad or tractor so he can pull the grandkids around the subdivision next year. Such a "guy" thing!!

We weren't sure we'd get any kids as we live down a private lane but we had a total of 18! A neighbor who lives on the main road so they usually get 15 to 20 but she thought we might not get any. The family that came to our door first lives just a house away and they said last year, with the warm weather like last night, they had a total of 2 kids. So we're pretty impressed with our 18. Part of it I'm sure was neighbors wanting to see our house and welcome us, which was so nice to meet more people. An important thing in the country, to know your neighbors. We feel so at home now!