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May 5, 2015

Orange is the new Blue.

After 44 years with a Conservative Government,
tonight, we have a new party & a new leader.

I am excited beyond belief to embrace this new
movement. And thrilled we have a sound & solid
female Premier. Looking forward to watching the
next 4 years unfold & formulate as our new path.

The "Blues" are gone! And Orange is the new Blue
in Alberta tonight. What a welcome change. The
people have spoken & voted. In a short 32 minutes,
the old party was booted & the new welcomed in.

How was your Tuesday evening?
Any elections on your future agenda?


Anne in the kitchen said...

There are always elections just around the corner on some level here. Who knows what is next?

Penny said...

Our General Election is tomorrow. Not being a political person, I don't enjoy the party politics and wrangling a of Election season, and am looking forward to it being over X

Gill - That British Woman said...

it will be interesting to see what this will mean for the rest of the country? Also how it affects the rest of the country.

Chy said...

Anne, this should be our last one for our region for the next 4 years. Glad it's done!

Chy said...

I agree Penny. Glad though that we're not the U.S. where their election seems to last a whole year!

Chy said...

Should be interesting for sure Gill! We're hoping for better.