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May 19, 2015

Mercury in Retrograde.

I'm very intuitive & there are many factors that can affect my day. Years ago, I figured out how easily something as natural as a full moon can throw me for a loop. Now that I have a family & work with little ones, I've come to recognize that this is not a phenomena that is personal to me but to many. So it's no surprise to learn that a full moon is not the only planet/earth/astrological experience out there. There is also something called "Mercury in Retrograde" that actually makes perfect sense to me when I now look back at previous encounters with this time frame three times a year. Unfortunately, it's my least favorite & I'll personally take a full moon any day over a three week streak of confusion, anxiety, miscommunication, bewilderment & negativity. Today, I was quite over come a couple of times with a teariness that I couldn't quite explain. And finally, taking a look at the calendar & checking a chart, it made perfect sense that I was being affected by something greater than a momentary rough day. Now I can work with it but truthfully, I hate that it's such a long time period to muddle through. As we are about to move & have to sign off on all our purchase orders, it's a bit unnerving to do some research on Mercury in Retrograde & discover that one of the big strong suggestions is to NOT sign any documentation or contracts. 


Maybe we could push our move to happen after June 11th., when Mercury in Retrograde formally ends for the spring. We'll see how far we can take it. In the mean time, I'm going to be doing a lot of deep breathing. And a ton of pre-planning to avoid any conflicts. 

Are you affected by a full moon?
Or the experience of Mercury in Retrograde?

P.S. No pictures! I'm still trying to figure out how to save my images to use in my posts. Sorry about that. We'll return to our regular programming soon, once I figure out the "Air".


Penny said...

This is so interesting Chy. My nana (95 in June) has a saying for people 'They go with the moon', which reflects her belief that the moon's waxing and waning affects mood and behaviour. X

Jennifer said...

We are going to be signing on our refinance now as well! I knew nothing about this, but it makes so much sense! Where do I start?

Anne in the kitchen said...

That is an interesting concept. Right now we are in a period of chaos though it is not about contracts or purchases. Makes me wonder!

Chy said...

Thanks Penny. Your nana sounds like an amazing and very wise woman! X

Chy said...

Just google it Jennifer and you'll find lots of links. Good luck with your signing!

Chy said...

I so believe in it Anne and have a week that clearly shows it does fit with all that has happened!