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May 6, 2015

Frosty Morning.

Look what was on top of our car 
sunroof window the other morning.

So pretty! So cold!!

This was on the weekend, when the sky
was blue & the grass was green. We
were wearing light clothes, no coats.
And sandals on our feet. So warm.

The frost was a shock. But today was
worse. I'll post pictures tomorrow of
the white world we woke up to. A big
surprise that was not welcome at all.

How was your world today?
Was it green still? Or white?


Anne in the kitchen said...

It is sunny and warm verging on hot here. We opened the pool and it is ready for swimming now! I will wait a week or 2 for the water to get a little warmer, though.

Penny said...

We have had some unexpected ground frosts her too this month X

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't remember where you live? We could have a touch of frost next week, that's why they don't advise planting annuals until after the 24th of May.

Meanwhile over the next couple of days we will have temperatures up in the low 30's oC.

Chy said...

We were sunny and warm here Anne. Then woke up to snow! Always interesting around our region for weather. We can sometimes have all 4 seasons in one day!

Chy said...

Worried about our plants Penny. Some people lost trees yesterday with the heaviness of the wet snow. Fingers crossed when I venture out today that our flowers are okay.

Chy said...

Wow! That's hot Gill. We're in Alberta and next week, it's high 20's all around. This was our annual May snowfall. We should be good now until November, maybe late October.

Rachel said...

We are in Ohio and we have been sunny and almost hot for the last week. The week before we were having snow showers and frost. It seemed that spring just hopped over us this year.

Chy said...

It is a strange spring so far, Rachel. Hoping it changes soon to warm and sunny days!