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May 30, 2015

Thrifty Thursday #1.

We ventured into the thrift store this week & although I couldn't fathom what we would "need" at a time when we're purging & packing our possessions, I decided to join in for the "thrill of the hunt". It was a rough week & losing myself for a while was just what I needed. 

A number of items caught out attention, which will now result in a few posts over  the next few days. We were fortunate to visit on a day that many items were 1/2 price. This numbered print above was a very reasonable .75 cents. A half price item that somehow "fell" into my cart. Not too sure how that happened!

This sweet mirrored frame will be repurposed by myself, once my art studio is all set up & ready to go. I plan to take out the glass mirrors, chalk paint the frame & put cork in the spots where the mirrors were. A sweet little message board for our back yard, at a very cool price of exactly $2.

Have you found any treasures at your thrift store lately?
Do you ever go & just wander but not buy anything?

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