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July 25, 2014

Quiet Friday Night .... Not!!

Hi everyone!

Today was the last day of our grieving kids summer camp. So much fun, so much work, such intense emotions, such great kids! It rained all day and we ended up with leaky windows in my classroom, a leaky storage room wall and a leaky radiator, a first but it's an ancient building that truly needs to be torn down, so it doesn't surprise me that water would get in. We moved upstairs to complete our day while the staff and others figured out the leaks. The day ended with a memorial service for the kids loved ones, the handing out of participation certificates and then we partied! After the families left, I presented my team with small gifts and then we all bid each other a fond farewell for now. The next grieving kids camp is in mid August and my hope is we get another wonderful group of kids and that my dedicated team will all be back, once they've had a nice break. 

Drove home in torrential rain, dodging massive puddles and crazy, impatient drivers. Didn't take any longer to get home, it was just horribly wet. Dh made a lovely dinner, then we decided to take it easy tonight after a busy week, so we watched a few shows we had taped and then I napped while dh and dd watched a show they were waiting for. 

Our quiet Friday night ended there! With two loud bangs, my nap was interrupted and panic set in once we realized the source was the power lines behind our house that had snapped and were precariously swinging around in the strong winds. We could smell smoke, so we shut off the tv and called 911. In that very short time, they had already fielded calls and knew that our street was in danger. We went outside to see the damage and our neighbors were all gathering. The pole that the lines were attached to was just two doors down from us and their fence was scorched. Thankfully, the power company had been called and immediately shut off the power. This line services the older homes behind us, so our power was okay but 4 hours later, the families behind us still don't have their power restored. And the line is still hanging in our backyard. We were all instructed by the firefighters, who arrived first and stayed for quite a while, to not go into our backyards until they give the all clear. We're safe, just slightly shaken, as the potential for fire was huge but thankful that didn't happen. I think they are still working on the line and I hope that our neighbors get their power back soon. At least it's not a freezing cold, winter's night. No power in the summer isn't great but no power here in the winter can get dangerous. The rain stopped and the weekend promises to be sunny and hot. Hopefully that will help with the repairs that are underway.

Not the quiet Friday night we envisioned but we're thankful that other than a scorched fence, everyone is safe and unharmed. No power for some but no power is better than a burned down house!

How was your Friday night?


Cheapchick said...

Mine was way quieter, hubby cooked me dinner and I cleaned up the aftermath (somehow dill and carrots all over the kitchen floor) but it tasted good. That is scary. I don't miss those fast storms in Aberta. We usually only get windstorms here in the fall and winter. Have a better Saturday!

Chy said...

I'm glad you had a lovely quieter Friday night. I will take snow any day over some of the summer storms we get here. Scary!!

The weekend was much better, sunny, then getting hotter as we go and now we're in a heat wave. I'd love a temperate climate of 20 to 24 on a daily basis, with 2 to 4 days of a sun, then a lovely summer rain in between to keep it cool and the garden looking good. Sounds just like what Salt Spring is! One day, one day!!