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July 8, 2014

10 Things Tuesday!

Hi everyone!
I'm linking up with Carla today to participate in "10 Things Tuesday". Hope you'll enjoy and maybe even join in!
1. Builder meeting: happening today at 3:00 p.m. Looking forward to chatting with the two main men in my life today, builder guy and my husband! We're stuck on choosing the front door and hope to come to an agreement today. The beauty of custom building is getting to explore what is out there and making the change to what we want, especially for the front of the house. Fun!

2. Grief meeting: happening today at 7:00 p.m. with the support group I lead for families who have experienced the loss of a precious child, at any age, for any reason. A small but mighty group of individuals who have all bonded together as they journey thru this unimaginable grief. My heroes for sharing their stories and their shattered, broken, aching hearts with each other!

3. Boxes, boxes! All over my house, in my office, in my other office, in the garage, in the back of my car. I've never seen so  many boxes. And all donated by kind and caring people for us to pack up the house. Some are being used to cart items away to the thrift store. Others are for the things we want to keep. Can't wait for the day when all the millions of boxes are gone from my sight!

4. Hot weather! It's too hot here and I'm sweltering in the mugginess of it all. I love the sun and what it's doing for our garden but truly wish we could have a couple of days of nice weather, then a day of rain or cooler temps. The heat is too much when it goes on for days and days. Tomorrow, the rain is supposed to come but with it, thunder and lightening, a side effect from too much heat!

5. But my summer tan is great! Yup, I'm sporting quite a nice shade of golden brown. Gardening does that when the sun it out. I love having skin that retains the color and always feel like I look healthier with a bit of sun!

6. Headache ~ ouch! I think the humidity is creating this doozy. Even putting my glasses on this morning hurt. Hopefully with the rain tomorrow, it will go away and I can enjoy life again without pain!

7. Missing our little guy .... he's away to visit with his dad for 10 days. We're on day 5 now and expect a call will come at some point to pick him up early. He's never been gone this long. We'll see if his dad proves us wrong and he gets to stay for the whole time this time!

8. Quiet house! Not something we're used to. On one hand, it's kind of lovely to have some quiet but very quickly that thought disappears as we realize how much we miss his antics, his jokes, his fast quips and his giggles. I truly miss his tiny little hands around our necks for night time hugs!

9. Shopping today! I've run out of my favorite vitamin water, the only thing that quenches  my thirst in this heat and there's nothing else that I like to drink in the house, so off to the store I go, in between the meeting with our builder and the meeting with my grief group!

10. So tired! Can't wait to fall asleep tonight. It was hard to sleep last night and I'm feeling the effects today. Achy, sluggish body and eyes that want to close. I shall crash and sleep all night tonight!
That's my contribution to "10 Things Tuesday".


~Carla~ said...

It sounds like you've been busy & working hard!! :) I miss my kids when they're gone too... they fill my heart & home!

Chy said...

Working lots but it's so hot and I'm really slowing down today. No air conditioning here! Or at home. Maybe I'll have to spend the summer working in my car!!