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July 29, 2014

Comic Relief!

We're going thru a bit of a heat wave this week. I want to be outside in my garden but the heat is far too unbearable. My work is in an old building and there is no air conditioning and we have great fans but it's still too hot! Last night, my daughters and I converged in the cool family room in our house to unwind from a busy day, with our big fan turned on high. After making dinner, doing dishes and some laundry, the thought of sitting in my home office upstairs was too much. And as much as the weeds need to be pulled, they're going to have to wait a few extra days. We're promised temps of 30 today, 31 tomorrow, 32 on Thursday, then a balmy 24 with rain on Friday. Can't wait for the relief!

Typically a Monday night is busy outside or sometimes I tag along with my dh to his theatre rehearsals, so watching tv isn't always on the agenda. He still went to his gig that is now rehearsing in a stuffy garage where the set is erected until the show opens in August. We spent some time surfing the channels and came across the funniest show any of us has seen. It's crass but so amusing, especially if you like British humor. 

Mrs. Brown's Boys was first broadcast in 2011 and just showing up now on our channels. The lead character, a female called Agnes Brown, is played by a male actor. And some of his real life family are in the production as well, including his real wife and a couple of his adult children. We watched two episodes last night, then You Tubed it (is that a word?) and watched a few more. My ribs hurt today from laughing so hard. A great distraction on a hot summer night when being distracted was much better than trying to cope with and work in the heat. Fun "night off" with my daughters. Comic relief from the heat!!
And now we have a new obsession ~ downloading all the Mrs. Brown's episodes we can find!

Questions of the day:
Do you enjoy British humor?
Any other shows you can tell us about?


Lorrie said...

We love British television shows - Midsome Murders, Inspector Lewis, Doc Martin, Heartbeat - great stuff. Laughter is a wonderful medicine.

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. I'm going to have to check out some of those as well. A good laugh is always welcome!