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July 6, 2014

Finally, a Gardener!

Hi everyone!
Our first house was tiny, with a small back yard and an even smaller front yard. We planted annuals in the windbox and a few small flowers around the base of the tree in in the front. In the back, we created a little garden area along one fence, the only spot not covered by the large tree or taken up by the patio or grass. We tried to grow some herbs but there wasn't enough sun in that one spot. The following year, we tried some shade annuals and they did okay. But truthfully, neither of us had green thumbs and we were soon busy raising tiny babies. Gardening had to wait for now but I knew not for long. 

We've moved houses several times since those early years and each time, we ended up with more garden area to experiment with. But it wasn't until the last two years that we became serious. Ripping out the kids play centre, reseeding and resodding, tearing down the old deck and putting up a new one and painting all the fencing gave us a fresh plot to work with. We spent some time, in between the construction and the painting to research which plants would do the best in our yard and in our ever changing climate. Making a plan, we soon found ourselves scouring the nurseries for the right plants and then muddy from digging in the dirt. But the hard work paid off and for the first time ever, I'm starting to feel like a true gardener! We have blooms popping up every day and it's so peaceful now to sit on our deck and look out to a sea of color. Gardening takes planning, time, patience, tasks, pennies and tolerance but the rewards are oh so sweet! 

Do you like to garden?
Do you consider yourself a gardener?

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