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July 19, 2014

Frugal Friday!

Hi everyone!

Life has been a bit busy lately, so we haven't gone thrift shopping for quite a while. Between packing boxes, decision making with our builder, working on summer daycamp planning and moving offices, truly, there hasn't been time. But yesterday, after all our work was done, dh asked if I wanted go shopping to try and find some capris as I was complaining how hot it was to wear jeans and shorts at work doesn't quite seem professional, even in a casual environment. So off we went, hoping to find at least one pair to get me thru on the days that jeans are too hot and dresses that aren't always functional in a kid centered, creative but messy environment. 


Of course, we needed to start by looking in the china section and came across this sweet and tiny creamer. Perfect for a cold winter night when it's just the two of us having a "cuppa" before bed. Today, all the green tags were $1, so this item was a bargain, down from the $4 that was marked on the sales tag.

Not a green tag item but perfect for my new office, to match the big picture my boss gifted to me on Thursday. For all three prints, I paid $1. 

Another treasure ~ a gorgeous and very colorful English cottage. Oops, forgot to wipe the dust off! For a sweet $1, I'm happy to hang this pic up with all the tiny ones we've found along the way.

Dh found this one in the back where they hang curtains and bed linens. He remembered I was talking about making a curtain for our the laundry room at our new house but would have to find some material that had green, lavender and gold together. Ta da! Another green tag find for $1, marked down from $10.

And then we found capris! These are brand new, a bit big for me but with the tie on the waist, I can pull them in. Brand name? You betcha!! Calvin Klein as a matter of fact. And the price? $5. The original tag said $65. Never worn. I always wonder why when I find items that are in perfect condition or have the price tags still attached. What made someone not use or wear the item? But their loss is my sweet gain, so not too much thought has to go in to it. Just happy they didn't throw them in the garbage!

Love how I'll be able to tie up the bottom legs as loose or as tight as I'd like. I like to have options!

A pair of black capris, gently used, not a mark on them and so comfy. Brand name I am not familiar with, Crisca, but for $5, I'm not sure anyone is going to ask me who the designer is! Price again? $5.

And this last pair is American Eagle, a brand I love and for the green tag price of $1, a price I couldn't argue. These appeared to be brand new as well and I know I'll be wearing them often this summer. 

So there we have the Frugal Friday finds for our recent trip to the thrift store. Not a bad haul for a quick shopping spree on a hot and muggy afternoon. In total, we spent $15 out of the $20 that was budgeted. And found 3 pairs of capris!! 

Have you done any thrift store shopping lately? 
Any great finds?

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