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July 11, 2014

Full Moon ahead!!

Hi everyone!

After the wackiest day, I came home and turned on my computer, only to discover that we're on the cusp, once again, of a super full moon, set for tomorrow night. If only I had known that earlier, today might have been avoidable! From a major miscommunication that led me to tears (privately but painful to the end), to miscues, that left me feeling alone, in a big world! I hate this feeling, especially, because in the end, as the counselor for some many, when I have days like this, there is truly no one for me to talk to. So I brave it out alone, shed my tears and carry on. 


The good for today, because there is always good, even in the baddest of days, was celebrating this beautiful young lady's birthday! She crept into our lives, on that sunny, bright morning twenty nine years ago, quickly and quietly, with big dark eyes and masses of black hair. Her eyes turned blue, her hair fair and curly. Now a fierce single mama, she makes us proud each and ever day. How could a day so wrong not end without a happy and proud moment like this!

How was your day before the Super Full Moon?


Cheapchick said...

What a great picture of her and her son! Hope the rest of your weekend was better.

Chy said...

Hi! The rest of the weekend did get better. I sometimes feel so alone when a day turns out to be a dud! Part of the problem of always being there for everyone else is sometimes it means we aren't covered ourselves. One day, I'll figure it all out!

Thank you for the kind compliment. She's a sweet daughter and the best single mama you'll ever meet. So proud!