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February 18, 2014

Heartfelt Love.

I'm working with a young boy now, on the verge of becoming a teen, who's mother suicided in the fall. He's an incredible kid, with a full heart of love for those who are in his life and an artistic streak that mirrors his mother's talents. I love working with him but feel such sorrow each week after he leaves my centre. His mom was in so much pain but I know he'll be okay in the end. His strength, his compassion and his art will carry him thru this difficult time in his young life. I'm glad to have him as a client.

Does Love carry you thru the hard times?


Lena said...

Definitely. What a sad story. But he's blessed to have such a compassionate support that he gets from you.

Chy said...

These are the moments that make the work so precious!