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February 14, 2014

Love Day!

While I agree that we should have to rely on one day each year to tell our family and friends that we love them, I personally enjoy the extra opportunity to spread a little extra joy. Especially in February, when we are surrounded by a landscape of white, cold nights and rare sunshine. Love warms our hearts, our homes, our spirits and our souls. Valentine's Day arrives just at the right time of year, when we need a little boost to get thru the last few weeks of winter. A perfect distraction from the winter blues!

Today, my preschool kids, teachers and parents were invited to a local seniors extended care home. The kids made cards, enough that every resident got at least 4 to cherish. The little ones had a great time handing them out. Then the music started and we sang, danced, enjoyed pretty sugar cookies and created laughter that we hope the seniors will remember for a long time.

Tonight, my love went to a hockey game with his buddy. When he got home, we exchanged gifts and had the best laugh as we chose the same card for each other! My gift was a big stash of chocolate and the P!NK Concert Tour on DVD - the concert we just attended. A great memory for the both of us. I gave him chocolate as well as a book of certificates for special days and acts of love. 

Our day of love was full and fun. 
How was your Valentine's Day?

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