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February 17, 2014

Patiently waiting ....

.... for this to arrive on my front step today:

We've been saving for ages. Last Sunday morning, I had the tv on for a bit and on The Shopping Channel they had an amazing deal that we couldn't just pass up. This particular KitchenAid Mixer (part of the Pro Line) is $700, not just on the show but also here in Canada. TSC added in some extra attachments, the cookbook (The Mixer Bible!), a cover to keep it dust free and an extra bowl (3 quarts) in addition to the bowl it already comes with (either a 5 or a 6 quart, couldn't remember). All these added up to $150. For a grand total of $850.

And what did we pay? A mere and very comfortable $350! So excited to finally get my own KitchenAid after hearing my friends and family for the last few years being so giddy with their mixers. We had saved almost the whole $700 but with the TSC, you can make equal payments with a credit card. As we pay off ours every month, we decided to do $40 for the next 8 months and move the funds we had already saved to our travel account. Win, win all around!! Definitely worth the wait too. 

The mixer was supposed to be shipped out on February 20th but I peeked at our account on Friday and discovered it was already on it's way. Today, the account says it will be delivered on the 17th, so I'm home and anxiously waiting for the moment the doorbell rings and my favorite postman is standing there with my package. We have our ingredients out to make homemade cupcakes, the requested first item to be made in the mixer. Soon my kitchen will be filled with chocolaty aromas!

Do you have a KitchenAid Mixer?
Is it your favorite culinary tool?


Cheapchick said...

Kitchen mixer on my wishlist, but unfortunately shall remain there indefinitely. I am not sure I have any place to put one even if I bought one :) Enjoy! That was a great deal.

Chy said...

It was on our wishlist for years too. We had cupcakes tonight and are so thankful for the great deal.