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February 16, 2014

We Like to Create!

A very creative day around here. It's our Family Day Long Weekend and we're totally taking advantage of the time off work and school, to dream, engage, become more active and create new projects for this year. The biggest thing I've been working on with my team at work and here at home is our upcoming baby loss/child loss conference for bereaved families and professionals who work with them. We are set for October 2nd to the 4th, which is just 32 weeks from now! Last October, we launched our first annual baby loss memorial work and it was a great day but a lot of work. Now that we've done the walk once, we feel comfortable adding our second walk to the end of the conference to memorialize our children. 

What else did we create this weekend, so far? 

*The plan for a collage to show the activities that take place at our family centre and preschool. Next weekend, we have a table at the annual Art Expo in our small hamlet, a chance to showcase local artists and arts programs. We hope to have our preschoolers this week paint small canvases and make some clay projects as well. A fun experience for our families to be part of each year. 

*The painting of the small dollhouse we picked up at the thrift store, for the grand sum of $1.25, has begun. It was a blue gray color, with painted on roof tiles and white shutters and doors. To date, we've pulled off the shutters and trim to repaint a fresh coat of white on all. Painted the interior all white as well. Masked off the veranda and around the roof. Currently, our exterior walls have one coat of a sage green and we've pre-painted some of the wood roof tiles we found in the City on Saturday. I wanted to paint one side so that once those are installed on the roof, the underneath parts that might be seen as the tiles will over hang the roof will be the same color as the rest of the tiles once they are all installed. Plans were also made to use some old wallpaper to add to a few interior walls. No plans yet for the floors, so I painted those white as well until we've made decisions about the rest of the interior.

*The house plan needed some more tweeking as our builder had sent a new updated version. We're almost there with signing it off. Just a few more changes and we're on our way!

*The reorganization of the pantry, kitchen, library and family room. Makes it so much easier to purge and pack when we have a better flow from room to room. I still have the hall to do and the dining room but we're off to a great start and we still have a full day left plus I have Tuesday off too. 

*The fitness plan was hatched and launched. Still need to work on our eating for life plan but we're still investigating what kinds of diets we want to follow. This is for the rest of our life, not just to lose a few pounds now. We're changing our eating habits back to a more natural diet that we used to be on. I'm looking forward to feeling lighter instead of always feeling full and not healthy.

*The plan to incorporate doodling into my daily life. I started my art journal and love to sit and doodle at the end of the day when I'm tired and just done but my brain still needs to work a bit more!

I may have to update this once the weekend is completed to add in anything else we end up doing between now and Wednesday morning. Feels good to be using our creativity instead of just working and getting thru the day. So easy to get into a rut and it will take work to recreate our life from what it was to what it has become and then back to where we want to be again. Worth the work!

How has your weekend been?
Have you tapped into your creative self?

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