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February 11, 2014

Hate Your Job Much?

Seriously! If  you look in the mirror in the morning, before you go to your job and your face looks like this ....

.... then please do us all a favor and get yourself a new job!! Dh and I just got back from attempting to get new passports and the lady at the counter was so nasty that I have now filed a complaint. She had no reason for treating us like crap (sorry for the language). We have our paperwork all in order, pictures signed, guarantors signed, fees in hand. In no way did we deserve the experience we had. I'm thankful for the lovely individual who took my call and encouraged me to launch a complaint. The sad part is that the scowling face lady was wrong. She should have taken our apps and we could have been done. Now we have to go back. We've decided we'll go directly to the Government of Canada passport office downtown instead of a Service Canada secondary location. For one thing, our passports will be ready in 10 business days instead of 20 but we'll also receive better treatment and no hassles. Worth the few extra minutes of driving and paying for parking.
I hope that this individual is able to reform her actions OR quit the job she has and find one she'll love. I'm sorry for my rant and I know not everyone gets to work where they want, but that is no excuse for treating others because you are miserable. It's not my fault!!
Rant over. Back to real life again!

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