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February 9, 2014

Deal of the Century!

Both dh and I needed new runners this year. We budgeted $50 each for a good, solid but comfortable pair for working out at the gym and for walking. Did a bit of shopping around and came across the pair I wanted yesterday. They were full price, listed for $45. I hate buying something that is not on sale but then dh found a pair as well, also listed for $45 but with the current sale, we'd get his for half price. So two pairs for $67.50. With our budget set at $100, we'd be fine with this amount.

However, we ran in to a bit of a glitch as the shoes that I had now fallen in love with and just had to have existed in my size but not at this particular location. The clerk phoned around and found 2 pairs at a store in the city and they agreed to hold them until today. We didn't buy the pair dh liked as they had many at the other store and we needed to buy them together in order to get the sale. 

We slept in a bit today but were soon in the city to retrieve the runners we both liked. It was definitely worth the short drive down the highway as we had a lovely surprise waiting for us at the store. Not only were both sets of shoes on sale at the city location but we also got the "buy one, get the other for half price" deal! So dh's runners were $36, down from $45 and mine were $21, down from $45 but then they were half price, so $10.50. For a grand total, with tax, of $48, a savings of $52 from our original budget. 

On the way home, just for fun, we stopped in at our local location and discovered that the runners we just bought we're still listed for full price. When asked, the clerk said she had no notice of any additional sale so we got the "deal of the century". No argument from me on that one!!

Any deals that you were lucky to find this week?


~Carla~ said...

Well done!! :) That is a great deal! My great deal this week? Bathroom tissue... hahah!

Chy said...

I get quite giddy when bathroom rolls are on for $3.99. I have a huge stack upstairs in our hallway that hits the ceiling. Won't fit into our linen closet, so outside they sit. New house will have a walk in closet so I can fill it up!