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January 31, 2023

Her Name Is ....

.... Carys-Rhiannon. Still working on a
middles name, that if we follow the way
we've named all our kids, it would start
with a K. Carys is Welsh name and means
"to love" and "precious." I also love that
her creator named her "Mary" and I did
want to find a way to somehow use part
of her original name or have some way to
connect the two. This was a perfect choice
and we love how unique it is. The second
part of her first name, again like all our
kids, is hyphenated. Rhiannon is another
Welsh name and most often linked to the
album "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac. Lots
of connections to this one for us. It took a
while for us to choose her name ~ made
me remember when we tried to name our
fourth baby and we had a name but the
kids overruled us with the name they in
mind for her. Took quite a while but in
the end, they won! This was almost as
painful. But in the end, we love it and
she truly suits this sweet name. Now we
just need to find a K middle name ....

~ Chy


Anonymous said...

Tad confused. Did you adopt?

Chy said...

No, I was gifted a sweet Blythe doll for Christmas and it's customary to give the doll a name. This is the name we chose for my doll.

Thanks for visiting!

X Chy