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January 13, 2017

Winter Cottage.

When we decorated our home for
Christmas this year, I pulled out
some of our "mini holiday decor
for our sweet dollhouse cottage.

Just like our little house in the big woods, 
this house also has wreaths on the windows.

Glittery snow, frosted trees and this
tiny snowman in the front garden. I
hope to have this dollhouse finished up
this year, just in time for next Christmas.


Granny Marigold said...

I didn't hang wreaths on my dollhouse this year. I did however buy 2 6" battery operated Christmas trees to put on the porch. Other years I've done more especially when my granddaughter would help me but at 13 she is kind of loosing interest. Maybe next year.

Chy said...

Oh those would be so sweet! Once I'm done the dollhouse this year (one of my goals), I'll do more decorating at Christmas, especially inside. Can't wait!